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Who is the Amazonian King?

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Among many other benefits offered by the Amazonian King are the following:

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Regarding his product Amazonian King, Martin White says, "You can learn the secrets that can get you to the same place as me without having to go through all of the experimentation and cost that I had to incur in order to learn the most important lessons."

White also says, "I will guide you through the minefield of making money with Amazon and reveal to you step-by-step EXACTLY the methods, tips and tricks that I use."

But White admonishes that the program may not be around forever, because he may wish to close it out so that those who got in early stand face less competition and stand a better chance of succeeding. In his concern for the success of those who purchase Amazonian King, White has provided an email FAQ section for following up. Amazonian King also comes with an eight-week 100% money-back guarantee.

The bottom line is that the Amazonian King made over a million dollars for Amazon last year. Of course, White got a percentage of that, but how many people do you know who sold over $1,000,000 of products through Amazon? Granted, White is no slouch when it comes to business - he's got an MBA from Berkeley. But the "Amazonian King" also reminds the reader that, because he has another occupation, he didn't even spend as much time on the Amazon associate program as he could have - which means that others could do even better than he has!

Jamie Clarkson has been an Amazon affiliate since 1997. For more information on theAmazonian King, you can go to

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What are good place to go to at Stanford and Berkeley?


i am an incoming freshman (9th grade), me and my dad will be driving up to norcal to look at Stanford and Berkeley, i was wondering if anyone can point out places that would interest us and what to do when we get there. We are visiting the UNIVERSITIES, not just the place...


Best Answer...


Wow, going into 9th grade and already looking at schools? That's impressive. While I generally don't think it's too early to start college prep, your ideas about what you might want in a college might change between now and 12th grade, so keep that in mind as you check out the schools.

There's nothing to see near Stanfurd. Palo Alto is creepy. Radiohead even wrote a song about it, the theme of which is about life in a sterile, capitalistic, hi-tech dystopia. But hey, if you like sterile, hi-tech dystopias, this is a great place to be.

I went to Cal (Berkeley). Telegraph Avenue is an interesting place to hang out. I like music, so I used to shop at Amoeba Records a lot. You can check out the view from the Campanile (the clocktower). If you like art and films, there are the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archives on Bancroft Ave. Check out the libraries. There are many. Doe is the main library, and it is gorgeous inside and out. And check out the Phoebe Hearst Anthropology Museum in Kroeber Hall. If you like architecture, there are a lot of building around town designed by Julia Morgan, including the Women's Club. If you're into science, you can go up the hill to the Bontanical Gardens or you can check out the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. Berkeley Marina is a nice park (you can see it in the movie 'The Kite Runner'). And yes, you can snicker at hippies and weirdos if you like. I wouldn't snicker at the truly mentally ill, though, as that's mean.

As for politics, Berkeley is actually a good place to be if you are a conservative. Being in a liberal environment allows you to test your reasoning, learn to debate and learn to defend your beliefs. Berkeley College Republicans are actually one of the largest groups on campus.

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