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Fiorri Road bike evaluation and cost?

Can someone give me a cost and parts evaluation on this bike?
I want to buy it and i can get it for 300? is this worth it?

Best Answer...


I think the rims are aluminum and they have some dark coating. That bike is Large. I doubt a 5'5 would be comfortable riding it. About $75 including the stand should be plenty to pay.

Edit: You will need: handlebar tape, rubbers, rim tape, cables and housings, hoods and a saddle. That is $200 right there.

Vintage is a bike that you put in a frame and look at it. For riding you need a machine that can do the job efficiently. That may include new wheels, cassette, chain, pedals, if you are lucky, and even derailleurs, head set, crank, and BB if you are not so lucky. If yo are totally unlucky, yo may need shifters as well.

I bought a used bike from a shop for $400 and it was supposed to be well maintained. I have replaced the hub bearings, the tires, the saddle, the pedals so far, and looking into a new rear tire, cassette and chain sometime. While servicing the head set, I noticed some damage on the cone/spreader, it can run, maybe for years, but it will be nice to get it replaced.