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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the value of my Franklin Mint vase collection?

I am just curious. I have a set of 25 miniture vases produced by the big bone china companies (Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, Spode etc.) which was produced for the Franklin Mint starting in about 1980 (NOT the 12 piece Imperial Collection). They all have the accompanying certificates of authenticity, and are in "as new" condition. I can't remember how much they were originally, and was wondering whether anyone could give me a rough idea on their current value. I have already tried the following, so don't suggest these!:-

1. looking at the Franklin Mint website - they don't have historical data
2. Googling "Franklin Mint vases"
3. EBay

Thanks in advance to anyone with a different suggestion (or even better a value!).

Best Answer...


Unfortunately, probably about half of what you paid for them. The best way to get close to a value would probably be to take one of the places that comes up on this search including the Imperial Collection stuff, and ask each of them whether the collection has any value.