Tibet Silver

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Ear sore after 6 weeks of piercing?

So I've had my ears peirced for 5 weeks and 6 days, so basically 6 weeks, and I've cleaned the piercings every morning. I changed my earrings yesterday morning and yesterday evening my right ear started to feel sore. I changed them this morning too, I disinfected the earrings and cleaned the ear before changing them, but my right ear is still slightly sore. I haven't had any problems before, and my ear looks no different from the left one (no redness or swelling).
Is this ok and normal or is there a problem?

thank you!

Best Answer...


Pierced ears do not get infected, unless they have a reason to. Yours does!

Cheap Metal sold in US stores were found to contain dangerous levels
of the carcinogenic metal cadmium. They're very toxic! Usually Made in China, many have been recalled. Bracelet part was 91% cadmium. Sold at Wal-Mart, Claire's & Target.

The most common cause of your complaint is an allergy to nickel. In Europe it is illegal to sell jewelry that contains nickel, so modern European jewelry won't give you a problem. I suggest you look for a jewelry supplier in the USA that can guarantee their products are nickel free.

Sterling silver (99.9% silver) usually doesn't affect people with nickel allergies, and it can be had moderately cheaply (think about $15-$20 for earrings).

Beware buying Tibet Silver. Metallurgical testing of twelve items in 2007 offered for sale on eBay as Tibetan Silver indicated that the articles frequently contained no silver whatsoever. Tests also found that high levels of lead and other dangerous metals such as arsenic were present.