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Frequently Asked Questions...

Anyone know the Iguana Group in Thailand?

Hello, I am planning to buy a condo from these Developers in Thailand, called Iguana Group. They are developing a project in Pattaya called Park Lane.

Did anyone hear of them before? Are they good or bad, as far as their reputation for development of properties is concerned? Any more information about them?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

Best Answer...


Watch your back AND wallet.
Thai real estate is TANKED !! Offer 50 % of what is listed minimum. Before signing..add a 30 day escape clause..or ask to use the condo for 1 or 2 weeks to see what it is REALLY like to live in the building itself..not just the city. If it is not yet 100% built yet WALK AWAY...If they don't want to deal YOUR way..walk. there is wayyyyy too much out there and 99.9 % are desperate to sell and raise hard cash in a fearful Thai economy...Thai condo's are notorious for lack of maintence..nearly impossible to sell to other Thais if lived in before (2nd owner) so you WILL be in for a shock should you ever decide to sell...ONLY condider large cities , never buy rural. Buyer beware with anyone not an International property broker with a world class reputation.