Statue Bronze

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Movie Question?

Ok guys... this is seriously killing me. Someone earlier asked a question and I think their answer was wrong. I've seen this movie seen a thousand times and cannot for the life of me remember the movie.

Okay here's what I remember... there is this statue(bronze I think) and it is in front of this high school. The statue's neck was stolen by this guy who everyone believes is dead. One guy in the film(I believe he's a friend of the main character) idolizes the statue stealer and is eager to learn more about him and his wear abouts. At one part, towards the end of the movie, the guy gets pulled over (I think during their high school prom) and the cop kidnaps him and takes him to the woods where he is told to dig a hole. The whole time, the guy thinks that the cop is going to kill him. A few minutes later, he finds the statues neck and the cop gives him is name badge, which is the same last name of the famous guy who stole the neck. At the end, the statues head is on upside down....

Best Answer...


It was called... 'Whatever It Takes'.
I absolutely LOVED that movie.