Silver Pot

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Thermodynamics help please?

I have a few questions from my physics homework that I don't understand, and I can't seem to find the answers on google. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out :)
1. You have a hot cup of tea and a warm cup of tea, after 1 minute, which has experienced a greater change in temperature?

2. Which will cool faster, a silver pot of tea or a black pot of tea?

Best Answer...


1. From which cup of tea is water vaporizing more quickly? The hot cup of tea will cool faster than the warm cup of tea.
2. If you put the teapots in the sun, which would warm faster? Their cooling is similarly radiative, and the black pot will cool faster than the silver pot (other factors being alike).

I would expect your textbook to be a more convenient source of information for your homework than Google.