Rose Bowl

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what is the difference between the rose bowl and the national championship?

i know the national championship is between the #1 and #2 teams, but what is the rose bowl.. because last year the rose bowl and the national championship were played as 1 game with USC and Texas

Best Answer...


Actually there are four BCS games (Rose Bowl Pac 10 champ against Big Ten champ, Fed Ex Orange ACC champ against an invited team, Allstate Sugar Bowl SEC champ against an invited team, and the Tostito's Fiesta Bowl Big 12 champ against invited) and one national championship game. Before this year they would rotate and make one of the BCS games the national championship. But in order to give more teams a chance to play in the BCS, they made the championship a stand alone game. They still use the rotating system to decide where they are playing.