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Frequently Asked Questions...

I have 3 questions about the Chinese culture?

Whats the geographical position of country?
What environmental factors are affecting personal health (air and water quality, living conditions)?
And what are the gender roles?

Best Answer...


35 00 N , 105 00 E
(is that what you wanted?)

This is very varied because China is a BIG country. Probably a major problem is the living space. Many Chinese people in rural areas live in very inadequate homes. Some people even live in caves. Thus would make hygiene, clean water and such an issue. Also would cause related illnesses like colds and allergies.

Gender Roles:
China is still pretty male dominated. In a few years, there will be 40 million more Chinese men than Chinese women because males are more important. In Chinese culture, only a son can perform his parents' burial rights and takes care his parents in their old age. Many women take the role of housewife. Arranged marriage is still very common and it's estimated about 60% of Chinese women are unhappy in their marriage but divorce is rare. Chinese women face a lot of sexism and problems for being a woman. However white women (especially American ones), while they also face sexism, seem to be treated with more respect simply because they are white and white women are stereotyped to be strong and independent. Men usually go to work and wife stays at home but this is changing (not very much though). White men are treated with respect also again simply because they are white. Black people seem to face more discrimination and a lot of Chinese "look down" on them. In fact, a lot of jobs that hire foreigners will actually require you to be white. In rural areas, a family will send a son to school more so than a daughter (education for a year only cost about 12 USD in China).