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Im swearing in thursday for us army?

I still havnt chose a job, nothing was available today. I want infantry thus i told my recruiter. What if i get stuck with being a cook. Im gunna literaly smoke weed and fail it, if im a god damn cook

Best Answer...


Ok, what do you mean swearing in, you mean choosing your job right? Or did you go first available. Usually you take your ASVAB and you go to MEPS, they show you what jobs you can have, you have to ask or they wont tell you. You then pick which one you want, I went home and took about 10 days to decide. Then I went back and choose my job, Infantry, I know not the best choice, and then 3 months later went to MEPS again and left for basic. remember you are not in the Army until you raise your right hand and Dep in. That usually happens on the day you leave for basic training, that is unless you scored so low on your ASVAB you went at needs of the Army, if that's the case do too things, tell your recruiter you want to retake your asvab, if they say you cant tell them you are worried, you smoked last week and will piss hot if you go to meps. No recruiter is going to send you up there if you are going to pi$$ hot. Cause they don't get credit for you if you don't make it to basic. Tell them this is the job you want and you ain't signing up for anything else. They will try to make you do something you don't want to do, but you are not in the ARMY yet, so treat them like you would anyone who is F&^%ing with you. Tell them you want 11B or 11C, Infantry, and nothing else. If they say you cant have it, ask them when is a spot coming up, or walk over to the Marines, but make sure you tell your recruiter that, and let them watch you do it
Good luck