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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to paint old cement floor?

I have an old house and when we pulled up the 3 layers of tiles the concrete is black. This is from the stuff they used way back when to lay tile. In my research I have found all kinds of stuff on how to paint new cement. Can I just paint or stain it after I clean the floor. Or do I have to get all the black stuff off the floor first.

Best Answer...


Jack, I recently remodeled an Office Max Store and we had the same adhesive under the tiles of this old stirp centers flooring. Here's what worked inexpensively:

Get some low odor mineral spirits and soak the floor until the adhesive begins to break down and release. Now scrape the glue up and repeat until the floor is clean.

I'm going to suggest that you paint this floor with an epoxy or xylene based paint. I recently used an Ace Hardware Xylene Based Concrete Paint, used for wharehouses, garages and airplane hangers that was incredible in respect to coverage and durability.

Mike Lonergan
TradesProfessional, Inc.