Painting Bottle

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to get acryllic paint off my palette?

I've just started using acryllic medium and realise that not only does it dries fast, it dries quite permanently as well! Now my palette(plastic material) is covered with dried paint and I'm having a hard time getting, or peeling rather, it out. Tips to overcome this problem is greatly appreciated

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It is very hard to get acrylic paint off palates. I use pallate paper. It is just a pad of paper that is coated. You can also use pie tins, lids that come from food containers. I sometimes use those containers that frozen dinners come in. The thing is that I throw them away afterwards. There are also peel off palates that are made of the same stuff that paint bottles are.
I did the exact same thing with acrylics when I first started.