Ox Bottle

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How to treat constipation in a 1 yr old.?

My 1 yr old son has been constipated for about a day now and hes been having a hard time with it. I did the apple juice thing and the water thing. Im going to go get some prune juice and somethings. Is there anything else i could try? Ive read that too much dairy could cause comstipation, and i should switch from whole milk to 2%. My son gets about 2-3 8 ox bottles a day of whole milk. and he likes his cheeses. i try not to give him all dairy, i try to give him all food groups when i can. Ive also been told that i could try alittle bit of ice tea. what else is there?

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They sell plum juice (which tastes better than prune) with added fiber in it. That usually does the trick for my daughter who gets constipated relatively often. Like your son, she LOVES cheese. Orange juice (not watered down) also works pretty well. When all else fails, we use the liquid suppositories (they're sold in the aisle with all the other digestive medicines). They work really fast. Good luck!