Ox Bone

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Ox Bone


Frequently Asked Questions...

Can vegans use bone china?

I never thought about it before, but recently read that up to 45% of the mass of fine bone china is ground ox bone, which is mixed with clay and other compounds. As vegans do not use dairy, honey, silk, or leather, I was wondering if they avoided such other products as crockery made from bone ash, with the ox of course being an especially holy animal in many parts of the world. And where does all that ox bone come from anyway? Google sources seem rather reticent on this. And why ox bone, when surely cow and sheep bones would be much more plentiful?

Best Answer...


The bone used apparently makes the china strong and translucent, but there are companies making bone china from synthetic ash, so I guess a vegan who wanted some fine china would try to find one of those companies.

GJ-2, certainly diabetic vegans use insulin. Being a vegan means doing all you can to minimise your contribution to animal suffering and exploitation; risking your health or your life is not required. All medicines have, by law, been tested on animals at some point. Vegans who have serious and life-threatening conditions don't refuse medication, that would be lunacy, not vegan.

I'm vegan and I owe my life to drugs and procedures that have been - by law - tested on animals

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