Oriental Stand

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Pork kabobs like they have at state fairs and such?

You know when you go to the state fair or some type of ethnic festival and you come across the oriental stands (im not sure if they are japanese,vietnamese or even korean) that always have egg rolls and pork kabobs and such.. does anyone know what type of marinade they use for their pork kabobs ??? i have had many kabobs from many different stands but even though they each have their own taste to them they all taste simular. get what i mean ? anyways, ive asked this question before and all i got was everyones "personal" recipe that was not even close so hopfuly i can get the right answer this time. Thanks!

Best Answer...


... you can ask the seller.
but you should really become a vegetarian.
they save lives.
so yeah.
and just to let you know.
its kebabs not keBOBs.
im no meat eater, but i somehow know...