Old Cloisonne

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Has anyone here ever managed a small antique booth?

I want to start an antique booth in an antique store. They charge a fee per month plus 10% of your sales. Does anyone here have any information on how to manage one or any good tips for success?

Best Answer...


Well... I'll tell you what I dislike in a booth or sale.

I don't like it when...

There is too much of one thing.

Not enough culture. (All English or all American ect...)

New items thrown in as fillers. Nothing bothers me more actually, it makes me apprehensive about buying the actual antiques if they are surrounded by fakes and new junk.

A million little itsy bitsy things to have to look at. I personally prefer two huge pieces to having to look through a hundred little pieces of nothing to get to the one special thing amid them. If I wanted to do that, I would buy a where's Waldo book.

What I love about a booth...

An over all theme but with different objects of all kinds that reflect all periods and kinds of collectable.

Beautifully kept and nice to look at. Clean and dusted and free of the occasional spider! EWWW...
I recently visited a booth and picked up an old Cloisonne box and when I opened the lid, hundreds of pissed off ants came streaming out all over me... I almost dropped it and broke it and the ants got all over me. You shouldn't get itchy and discusted while antique hunting!