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As patience wears thin, USF Bulls' Skip Holtz sits on a hot seat (St. Petersburg Times)

**By Gary Shelton, Times Sports Columnist**

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The calendar could not save Ellis Johnson.

The university diploma on his wall could not save Jon Embree.

The championship trophy in the case could not save Gene Chizik.

Fired, all of them. Quickly. Cruelly. Cold-bloodedly. Their colleges could not
_wait_ to get rid of them.

Hard-working? (So what?) Well-intentioned? (Who cares?) The regular-season is
not over in many places, but already, we have seen college administrations
strip coaches of their power, of their prestige, of their positions.

Yes, it seems unfair. Yes, it seems unreasonable. In some cases, it seems
insane. Coaching a college football team has never been a nastier way to make
a living, and patience has never run out quicker. Otherwise, they cook
discontent in the microwave.

In other news, USF coach Skip Holtz makes his final arguments to keep his job
Saturday night against Pitt.

Here, too, there is hand-wringing and teeth-gnashing and the sounds of
discontent. USF has never had a more disappointing season than this one, never
had a team that fell so short of its own expectations, never had so many
restless fans calling for the head of the football coach.

And ...

St. Petersburg Times

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