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Frequently Asked Questions...

there this part in the game of harry potter and the order of the phoenix for psp how do u pick up the book?

the part is when u need 2 go 2 tha library wit hemone and roy for spell thingy but 1 st u need to give tha guy homework and crap its so hard plese help i need 2 pick up da book so i can past da level i ben playing for hourssssssssssss plese help

Best Answer...


Go out through the portrait hole and down the Grand Staircase. You should know
where the Great Hall is by now, so I won't tell you. Anyway, Padma Patil is
sitting near the entrance. Speaking to her will initiate a Transfiguration

You must use the stylus to colour in the shapes as quickly and as neatly as
possible. If you stray outside of the object, marks will be lost. After you
finish, Padma will give you the book and Ron will tell you that you should go
to the library. Go out of the Great Hall and turn to face the statue. Tap the
Gryffindor scarf on top to cast Accio on it. Draw the shape and then tap the
insides of the circles before they disappear. Do this three times and the scarf
will come whizzing to you. Go out on to the staircase and go up to the first
open door. Run along the corridor and through the door. Go along to the end of
the corridor, through the arch, and through a door that's at the bottom of the
screen. Head across the bridge and go through the door at the bottom of the
circular room. Follow the corridor to it's end and speak to the ghost, Moaning

Walk through the door into her bathroom. Walk to the left side of the bathroom
and cast reparo on the broken sink. Now cast reparo on the other broken sink
in the centre of the bathroom. Leave Myrtle in the bathroom and go down the
corridor again. Just before a chest, go left and go through the door. You'll
have yet another duel with Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle before you can continue.
After defeating them, run towards the bottom of the screen. Go through an arch
to the courtyard and go across it to another passageway. Enter through the arch
and go right. Climb the stairs then go through the door. Follow the arrow along
the corridor and you will reach the library. You'll now have to complete the
History of Magic mini-game. Background knowledge of the Harry Potter universe
is needed to pass, and the questions change each time, so I can't help you.
Basically, just tap the correct answer to each question.

Leave the library and go back along the long corridor. Follow it to it's end
then go through the door and climb the stairs. Climb the next set of stairs
all the way to the top and enter through the door to the Defence Against the
Dark Arts classroom. This will trigger a cutscene.