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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do you do japanese sign language?

I was reseaching about this movie called, "Babel" on Wikipedia...& when I was looking at all the languages that was used on the movie, one of them said Japanese Sign Language (JSL)...although I want to lean Japanese, I might wanna learn Japanese sign language as well...Can anyone show me how to do use JSL?

Best Answer...


Japanese Sign Language is a distinct sign language with unique vocabulary and grammar that is totally unrelated to ASL although it has some relation to Korean Sign Language and Taiwanese Sign Language.
JSL is not standardized at all. There are minor variations of signs and grammar from region to region and island to island. Similarly to the Pidgin Signed English and Signed English languages in the US, there are Pidgin Japanese and Manually Signed Japanese languages in Japan. JSL, like ASL, is preferred by the deaf. In the same way as ASL, JSL utilizes the mouthing of words to supplement the signs.