Jade Fine

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which of the following girl's names do you like and which should I cut from my list?

Gracelyn Naomi
Emily Nevaeh
Savannah Joy
Kaylie Jean
Stella Jade
Julianna Faith
Gracelyn Sierra
Lilianna Kay
Gracelyn Juliette
Faith Jalissa
Lillian Hope
Gracelyn Jewel
Claire Jezabel
Naomi Claire
Claire Naomi
Selena Jade
Claire Evaliese
Ivy Victoria
Avery Faith
Cadence Elizabeth
Faith Isabella
Summer Elise
Evalee Hope
Evalie Claire
Claire Evangaline
India Grace

Best Answer...


Gracelyn Naomi- Grace Naomi would be better!
Emily Nevaeh- GET RID OF!
Savannah Joy- Beautiful.
Kaylie Jean- I would like Kelly Jean better.
Stella Jade- Stay I guess.. Its okay.
Julianna Faith- Pretty.
Gracelyn Sierra- Get rid of.
Lilianna Kay- Pick a different middle name. Lilianna Kate maybe?
Gracelyn Juliette- get rid of.
Faith Jalissa- get rid of.
Lillian Hope- pretty.
Gracelyn Jewel- get rid of.
Claire Jezabel- Different middle name needed.
Naomi Claire- Beautiful!
Claire Naomi- Beautiful!
Selena Jade- Fine.
Claire Evaliese- Fine.
Ivy Victoria- Pretty.
Avery Faith- Pretty.
Cadence Elizabeth- I don't like Cadence...
Faith Isabella- get rid of. I only like Faith as a middle name and Isabella is too common.
Summer Elise- Pretty! :)
Evalee Hope- get rid of.
Evalie Claire- get rid of.
Claire Evangaline- Pretty!
India Grace- Pretty!