Incense Burner

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How can i make my own loose incense burner?

How can i make my own loose incense burner?
I have to full bags of the powder and cant use it until I get a burner for it. Is there anyway i can make a home made burner?
so if i use a ash holder then all i have to do is put it in there and just light it on fire and let it burn?

Best Answer...


for loose incense you really don't need a burner a glass ashtray will work or a ceramic plate or saucer, but if you just want to make one take an empty fruit or veggie can fill it with water and freeze it, when it is frozen solid take a large nail and at the top put a hole on either side near the top rim these holes will be for wire to hang your burner,

Then take a smaller nail and hammer some more holes in the can aboutt one and a half inch from the bottom of the can you can do this in a pattern that you draw on the can or just randomly these holes are for your smoke to come out, be careful where you sit it when using it gets hot I would sit it in an ash tray. or hang it out of the way and not close to anything flammable or the wall.