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Frequently Asked Questions...

porcelain veneers!!! info please?

how many veneers do you need to get a good result? plus does anyone know about the Nusmile paper thin veneers by the hospital group? are these better then the normal veneers? thanks xxx

Best Answer...


Hello, don't get mislead by a trade name with regard to veneers. Veneers are either made from porcelain or a type of plastic composite material. Both look good, but porcelain, at lest at this time, offers the most longevity. I do feel that the composite materials offer better color when being really thin is required. On the other hand porcelain offers better light reflection and refractory which results in a more vibrant life appearance. Cost wise there isn't a great deal of difference. Remembering of course that dental fees are not based on "a going rate" or "a fair percentage of profit"...they are based on what the doctor thinks he or she can get and that often has to do with ego and self importance as to what they think their special talent is worth. There is an old axiom among factions of the dental profession that says you can determine the fee structure of a dental office by counting the mini-skirted employees it has...i.e. It's a three, four or six mini-skirt office etc. I think you get the point.....I wish you well.