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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why so many Chinese and Singapore people interested in Thai amulet?

Singapore people buy all the good amulet that they can find. They must have experience something? What make Thai amulets interest them?

What do you think about this Thai amulet?

Best Answer...


I think this mainly stems from Thailand being one of the strongholds for Buddhism. Hence Buddhist amulets from Thailand are deemed much "stronger' spiritually as compared to those of other countries.

Also, the worship of the Four Faced Buddha, could also have boosted the image Thailand have a stronger spiritual worth. The Four Faced Buddha was said to be very responsive? and often grants wishes to believers. However, it is said that whenever a wish comes true, the believers have to return to the Four Faced Buddha to give thanks.

Especially for the statue in Bangkok, one can often see worshippers offering a votive for gratitude