Fine Jade

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what's the value (dollars) of jade? is it valuable?

Best Answer...


It depends on the quality of the jade material. And unless one has been trained to quality grade Jade, it will be difficult to differentitate utility/commercial/good/very good/fine and extra fine quality Jade.

Poor quality jade is very affordable. Just head to any sidewalk jewelry shop or to a street bazaar to see how available and affordable it is.

Fine jade is very, very valuable. To get an idea of what fine quality looks like and the prices commanded, go to the auction house websites to browse their catalogs. I like Sotheby's - (Registration is required before you can browse, but it doesn't take more than 2 minutes!)

But because you've posted this under "Sculpture", I should say that if the jade quality of a sculpture or carving is mediocre, then the appriasal of the piece in question will be decided more on the artistic value and/or antique value.

Hope that helps!