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delinquent accounts/rebuilding credit?

i had a total of 6 credit cards plus a student loan. all the credit cards went to collection agencies before i finally got to paying them , and soon they got current, then i paid off one by one. i have 2 credit cards left to pay off. the accounts i did bring to current and paid off STILL show delinquent on my credit report which is showing delinquent negativity. ive heard it takes 6-10 years for delinquent account status to be removed. i did pay them off, so why does it still have to show it as being delinquent? is there something i can do about this? is there such a thing as getting it deleted such as thru lawyer firms or what can i do for my credit score and credit to look in better standing after these credit cards and ex collection agencies? the one credit card i have is at a lawyer firm and he said if i can pay a such amount he can be allowed to actually delete the credit card off my report as if it never existed. if tgis is true...can that also go for my previous accounts?

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