Chinese Stone

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Help naming this Cantonese movie?

I need help with naming this Cantonese movie that I want to see again. Its pretty old and well known so I hope some people might know the title? I can't remember it that well because I watched it when I was young.

It's about this guy, who likes this girl. In one scene, the girl dressed in red walks into flames. Then the guy get covered in mud or something and seems to go through some sort of suspended animation. He breaks out of the mud shell many many years later, where its a completely different era and find the girl that looks like who he used to like. At the the end of the movie I think he started working in a museum amongst Chinese stone soldiers and he met another girl who looked like who he liked.

If it helps, the scene where he red-clad girl walked into the flames was parodied in God of Gamblers II: Knight of Gamblers.

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You dont know Gong Li and Zhang Yimou?