Chinese Set

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Separate set menus at wedding dinner?

I will be holding my wedding dinner next year and would like to have separate set menus (ie: 30 chinese set menus and the rest western) My catering sales manager at the hotel is rigid and refused to give in to this request but I am wondering if this is indeed too tough to ask or is it possible to have 2 menus in one event?

Best Answer...


I'm not an expert, but it seems a little unreasonable that they wouldn't be able to do two menus.

I'd seriously look somewhere else. Does your city have a Chinatown? Are there hotels that can accommodate you in that part of town? That might be an option.

Maybe you could speak with the chef directly and offer suggestions on how to cook Chinese food. It may simply be that they don't know how to cook what you are asking for, and if they could be taught ... would that work?

Best of luck !!