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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which is more suitable for me Shanghai, Beijing or Singapore?

I am thinking on going on a 4 or 5 night holiday to either Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing.
I need to know the differences in price, shopping, food and culture. Could you please help!

Best Answer...


It's kinda difficult question.

I can say Singapore and Shanghai are a bit similar city,but Beijing is different.
Both have used to colony by western countries and near the sea,now prospering as international financial centre.
Compared with these cities,Beijing is historic city and can enjoy many sites from an ancient era.such as The Great Wall,Tiananmen Square and more.

If you prefer sophisticated,compact city or tropical beach,fruits,I suggest you to travel Singapore.
Differently from China,you can make yourself understood in English in there.because Singapore's one of the offical language is English.
Singapore is very expensive city compare with Shanghai,Beijing but can also say it's sophisticated.
If have 5days,can see all around the Singapore and also can visit Malaysia(Johor) or Bintan Island.
And you can enjoy shopping at shopping complex locates everywhere in Singapore.

Or you prefer more cheap,crowd city,I recommend you Shanghai.City is similar to Singapore,but still cheaper.continuing urbanize,but many people say Shanghai is crowded city.I think Shanghai has many shopping places like Singapore.

You are interested in Chinese old history,it's good reason to visit Beijing.But I don't know exactly about Beijing....;((

Both 3 cities,foods are alike because main people are Chinese.