Chinese Glass

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Frequently Asked Questions...

how do i make my eyes look more asian with make-up?

i'm mixed asian and white japanese/filipino/white/native american.
i have almond eyes. and i want a new look. slightly more asian. thank you!

Best Answer...


OMG! i'm an asian too! u can make your eyes look more asian by using blue eye shadow because on chinese glass dolls, they have blue eyeshadow. also you should buy black liquid eyeliner and put it at your top lash line and buy regular black eyeliner for your waterline...that would totally make you look more asian! at the end of your eye, you should do a cat-eye by flicking the liquid eyeliner at the end of your eyelid. a lot of asians in asian magazines have that. also maybe add some glitter because some japanese females are very into that. ya so i hope that helps u!