Chinese Design

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Got INK? What and Where is your favorite TATTOO?

My own favorite is the Evil Joker on my calf. But I'm trying to help my Mom design something new to go around her shoulder and upper arm. And she's more into flowers and butterflies. Come on, HELP ME GET CREATIVE!!
Mom's new tatto is going to be her first BIGGER tattoo - I need some BIGGER ideas!

Best Answer...


I love all my ink, but my fave is the tribal butterfly on my shoulder. I plan one day to have it hover over a tribal flower of some kind.

Maybe she would like a Chinese design? I want to have cherry blossoms on my other arm, from shoulder to elbow, one day. That or koi fish, maybe a geisha in a kimono, something like that. I think Chinese tats are beautiful and ladylike. Hope your mom finds something she really loves!!