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Chocolate Powdered Vegan Truffles in a Chinese Box?

Does anyone know this brand? These chocolate-powdered truffles were incredible. They had a couple flavors (all with about the same ingredients), but mostly were espresso/mocha flavored truffles in a chinese takeout-shaped box.
ETA-Originally found and bought in a Wild Oats, however, I'm not in close proximity to one right now. Thanks :)

Best Answer...


I have your answer! Since Whole Foods has bought out Wild Oats (sadly) they have been changing products over to the Whole Foods 365 brand at all the stores. I'm sure this is what you bought because the Whole Foods organic chocolate truffle brand comes in a Chinese food take out type box, and they are coated with a chocolate powder.
Be careful because not all of the varieties are vegan.
You can also find the same type of vegan truffles at Trader Joes.