Chinese Beautiful

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Who do you think is the prettiest female Japanese celebrity/model?

jis wondering.......... =P
Ummmmm for the first person who answered, those ppl are not Japanese.

Examples of Japanese celebrities would be like:

- Yuri Ebihara
- Ai Otsuka
- Aya Ueto


Best Answer...


I think that Yuri looks alot like Ayumi Hamasaki. They both have large not-so-innocent looking eyes. Its hard to have truly innocent looking eyes at their age. They both have darkish skin. Cute is a short heigh like under 5'4'' with a cute face. Both Yuri and Ayumi are hot and pretty. Yuri is pretty tall. Besides Japanese celebrities, there are a lot of other pretty asian celebrities.
Liu yi fei (chinese)- beautiful and good in ancient clothes

Raine Yang (taiwanese) cute
Song Hye Kyo and Go Ah Ra (korean) pretty

Gillian Chung (chinese) VERY innocent looking eyes

All asian actresses are pretty in a different way.
lee hyoli (korean) is hot. Darker skin.