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Catalogue Hb

Glossary of SMC Pneumatic Catalog

Pressure Terminology : Pneumatic equipment

1. Maximum operating pressure difference

The maximum pressure gradient (the huge difference between the inlet and outlet pressure) which is permissibly for operation, with the valve closed or open. When the outlet pressure is 0 MPa, this becomes the maximum operating pressure.

2. Minimum operating pressure variation
The minimum pressure differential (the difference between the inlet pressure and outlet pressure) needed to keep the primary valve stable operated.

3. Maximum system pressure
The maximum pressure that may be applied in the pipelines. (Line pressure) [The pressure gradient of the solenoid valve portion must be less than the maximum operating pressure differential.]

4. Proof pressure
The pressure in which the valve must be withstood without a drop in performance after holding for 1 minute under prescribed pressure (static pressure) and returning to the operating pressure range. [Value under the prescribed conditions]

Electrical Terminology

1. Clear power (VA)
Volt-ampere is the product of voltage (V) and current (A) .Power consumption (W) : For AC, W = V A cos. For DC, W = VA.Note) cos shows power factor. Cos = 0.6

2. Surge voltage
A high voltage which is temporarily generated by shutting off the power in the shut-off area.

3. Enclosure
A degree of protection well-defined in the "JIS C 0920: Water-resistant test of electric machinery/appliance and the degree of defense against the intrusion of solid foreign objects".
Verify the degree of protection for each product.


1. Material
NBR: Nitrile rubber
FKM: Fluoro rubber "Product name: Viton, Dai-el, etc.
EPDM: Ethylene propylene rubber

2. Oil-free treatment
The degreasing and washing of wetted parts.

3. Passage symbol
In the JIS symbol IN & OUT are in a blocked condition, but actually in the case of reverse pressure (OUTgt;IN), there're limit to the blocking. is used to imply that blocking of reverse pressure might not possible

Since the product stipulated here is utilized under diverse operating conditions, its compatibility with specific equipment must be decided by the individual that designs the kit or decides its specifications based mostly on required enquiry and test results. The predicted performance and safety guarantee of the apparatus will be the responsibility of the person who
has determined its compatibility with the product. This person should also incessantly review all directions of the product referring to its latest catalog data info, with a view to giving due consideration to any likelihood of equipment failure when configuring the gear.

The usage of SMC catalog products with production kit for the creation of weapons of mass annihilation or any other weapon is strictly prohibited.

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