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Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I still smoke weed out of a pipe that doesn't have a carburetor?

I keep finding GORGEOUS pipes online, but the majority don't have a carburetor. Is it still okay to smoke marijuana out of one that doesn't have a carb? How will it affect my smoking? At all?

I don't want to here people give me sh*t about smoking weed, you are wasting your breath. Or in this case finger energy. LOL

And I know this question isn't alcohol related, but there isn't really any where else to put it.

Best Answer...


All a carb does is give you that rush of air intake like a bong. It's totally unnecessary. If anything it's releasing too much concentrated and uncooled smoke into your lungs at once. Get a nice carved old fashioned wooden bowl with a nice long stem that will cool the smoke as it enters your lungs. They work fine, carb pipes are just "in" now.

And don't worry, all the pot questions end up here.