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Bronze Protective

Investing in an Anolon Set for Your Kitchen

Anolon, a company recognized because of its top selling cookware line, has branched out into knife manufacturing. According to the company’s website, its pots, pans, and accessories are designed to perform effectively for a lifetime and please the eye, two traits that we can assume apply to any set, such as the Anolon Advanced 15 Piece Knife Block Set.

Product Range

Anolon produces three product lines of kitchen knives – Advanced Cutlery, Advanced Bronze Cutlery and Advanced Stainless Steel Cutlery. It appears as if this manufacturer thinks that the term, “advanced” will cause the knives to sound better than the knives made by other companies in advance of their customers seeing the knives. Notwithstanding the reason for the name, there are 19 knife sets for you to buy, covering the spectrum from the 15-piece sets to the specialized knives, and they come with a universal sharpener included for good measure.

Because a knife is only as strong as its blade, Anolon knives are made from first-rate German steel. The Advanced Collection features carbon steel, the Bronze Collection features high-carbon stainless steel and the Stainless Steel Collection is made of stainless steel, a distinction that might be bewildering to a consumer who simply wants to buy knives without being concerned about the tensile strength of the blades. With that being said, you could tell the difference between the collections by the knife handles – black for Advanced, brown for Bronze and silver for Stainless Steel.


The Anolon knives are forged, not molded, and that form of production produces better density, flexibility and hardness of the knives. Obviously, a harder and more flexible cutting blade ought to be easier and safer to slice with, and the blade can also maintain its edge longer.

Yes, Anolon knives are manufactured in China. But their quality appears as if it were first-rate, especially relating to the quality of the blades when you first open the package. The price of this brand of knives isn’t bad either, particularly as you get near-premium knives without paying premium prices.

Other convenient advantages of owning the 15-piece sets include the hard-wearing bamboo knife block complete with slot labels and a spare slot for an additional knife as well as Anolon’s handy knife sharpener. For individual knives, you may make use of the protective sheath that comes with every purchase.

All things considered, an Anolon knife set is a good value for your money, particularly as not a lot of it will be required.


There are very few things to take issue with about Anolon knives. Nevertheless, these are worth noting up since you should be able to know all the potential problems in advance of using your good money on less-than-perfect cookware.

To begin with, the bamboo blocks occasionally arrive in less-than-perfect shape. There are instances of the knife labels being oxidized and the block itself being black instead of the warm brown you’ll see advertized. Additionally, the rubber handles will sometimes flake off in spots, especially when you rub them. It may be a result of normal wear and tear, but it will be a reason for annoyance for you.

Additionally, you ought to sharpen your Anolon knives at the end of every job to maintain them in good form, and Anolon knives are less than dishwasher compatible. For the use-toss-replace type of person, the Anolon knives will present a challenge. A great set to consider is the Anolon Advanced 15 Piece Knife Block Set.

Although, on balance, an Anolon knife set could be a useful cutlery set for your home. It coordinates well with the other kitchen appliances, it provides knives that hold their cutting surface for a decade or two, and are able to be stored safely.

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