Bronze God

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why does Obama think he can succeed in Afghanistan, when nobody else has?

Nobody has ever marched into Afghanistan and defeated those people. Yet, the bronze god seems to think that he alone, has found the solution. Those drone attacks are only making the Afghans angry with us. The Taliban and al Queda continue to attack the government of Pakistan and will soon topple it. Then they will have their hands on over 100 nuclear weapons. Do you think Obama's plans are better than say all the empires that have invaded that land?
Hannibal, the British, the Russians, they have all been laid to waste by the Pashtun. There are 50 million of them. They are going to win.

Best Answer...


goodway to show your complete lack of history...for starters hannibal was never in afghanistan.
anyway, it was bush that invaded afghanistan and kept it going for 6 years.
also there are PLENTY of armies that conquered afghanistan.
alexander the great
even the british defeated them but did not stay in the country. they attacked then left.
the ONLY one that lost that you listed was the russians...and they lost because we were supplying the afghanis.
if you are talking army wise, we already defeated afghan considering taht we attacked, took it over, and put who we wanted in office there. also no other "empire" that has invaded afghan was trying to stabalize a government there that could function independantly from our help.

maybe you should go back to pop up books, you obviously never read a real one