Beautiful Rose

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Which baby girl name would you name your daughter?

These are some classy, Latin/Italian names:

-Rosalina (means "tiny, beautiful rose")
I think Rosalina is a bit of a mouthful. Many people may not know how to pronounce it. People may consider it over-obnoxious or over-cute.

-Sophia (means "wisdom")
Sophia is a becoming generic.

-Felicity (means "good luck, good fortune, happiness")
Felicity is beautiful and very unique. Unique can be good and bad though....

What do you think of them?

Best Answer...


Rosalina- Lovely. and the potential for the nic Lina is a big plus for me.
Sophia- perfectly fine, but a bit popular. I've never been a huge fan.
Felicity- I love this name quite a bit. I think it's uncommon, but not unusual.