Antique Box

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Please read my poem, I need comments!?

I tried really hard on this one! It took me hours!

Inside Out

I know a man
Who owns a box.
An antique box.
It’s made of metal.

When I see him,
I see the box
Gently resting
In his hands.

He caries it
Around with him,
Pressing shapes
With obsessive thumbs.

In the evening,
I came over
To see the man,
To see the box.

It was sitting
On the table
Watching us.
We didn’t move.

It did.

It played a tune,
A lullaby.
It twisted ‘round,

It began to open.
I began to run.
I closed the door.
I closed my eyes.

He didn’t.

I knew a man
Who owned a box.
He opened it.
It opened him…

So, what do you think?
How did I not see that? I proof read it like 5 times! : (
: D!

You're really nice!

Best Answer...


That is quite good hun! Well done, you just made a tiny spelling mistake though, you put caries instead of carries!

Aww, don't worry about it hun!! I do that loooaaadddsss of times! =)