Ancient Pendant

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i have to tell a "too" short story on honesty to my class.lemme have one.plzzzzz?

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The leaves rustled as they blew around my feet. I was nine years old. Peoples screams filled the church. "Why! Why did this happen?". I looked down, my school socks were muddy, my legs had Goosebumps and I was shivering from the cold. My hair was wet, my school uniform torn. Within an instance, my whole world seemed to stand still. The noise's around me blurred and for a moment. The only thing I could hear was a cry, a long and fearful cry. My mothers body lay there, as i lent down and put my hand upon hers i felt she was holding something. I took it out of her clenched fist. It was some sort of ancient pendant, silver with an inscription on the back in gold.

The smell around me was something that I was unable to determine. It was a musty smell, almost like blood or rotting flesh. I could however, smell my mothers perfume, only slightly, but it felt stronger then ever because of my complete fixation on it. It made me feel uncomfortable, it made me want hide away from everything forever.

The wind roared as i put it around my neck and fastened the clasp. A tear rolled down my cheek. But only one. No more. I wrapped my arms around myself and shut my eyes. I imagined the heavens and angels and whispered "Please, give me her back." I could hear sirens now, they became louder and louder, the tune thudding against my ear drum. I ran. I tripped. I blacked out.

its been years and I’m still getting counseling treatment for that night. The warm sun beat down on my skin through the window; the rays of warmth filled my body with heat. Today was the last day of counseling. The last day of questions of ‘how I felt’ or how I was ‘coping’. Finally after today I could be normal…well at least try.

I watched my counselor Jeanette walk into the room, she was tall, scrawny with jet black hair. She wore big glasses and had a strong smell of peppermint. She sat down and put her glasses on the end of her nose, whilst flicking through some past reports of my sessions. There was the occasional sigh but apart from that the wait wasn’t too bad.

"Now Arks…I know what happened...I can understand that. But your 15 now, you need to get along with life."

"I didn't ask to come here did i? And I am getting on with life I‘ll have you know." She always tried to act like my mother. I was her pity victim, her gossip, her charity.

"Arks.. You haven’t been to school since you were 13...maybe you should go back."

I rolled my eyes and sigh. “why don’t we drop this part of this conversation!”
“well maybe you should stop playing football and try to go to school” Jeanette flick her long brown hair and stare into my eyes. “but you don’t get it, this is the only way I can make a better life for me and my father…” She instantly gave me a bad glare “but this is you second shot, do you think you can win, because I don’t”
She slides me over an envelope. It’s a brownish color with some sort tea stain on the back. I open it slowly, inside it there’s a school, a date and a time for me to attend. I felt her touch the back of my shoulder.

I instantly got out of the room and slam the doors, I hated what happen, I can still hear the roaring sound of the last grand final running threw my ears.