Amulet Buddha

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What’s up with all these Buddha amulets?

They are popular among Thais, but are they really a part of the "official line on" Buddhism?

Best Answer...


There are more than 40 Thai magazines dealing with the trade in amulets published every 7-10 days for a readership of millions.

The commercial nature of the sale of sanctified amulets and Buddha images is partly hidden by the linguistic euphemism labeling in Thai of such transactions as “renting” rather than “buying”.

But although Thai monks are busy sanctifying amulets & Buddha images and presiding over rituals to enhance a person’s power and/or wealth, such activities are against ecclesiastical regulation and discipline and the laws governing the Sangha.

Thai Buddhism (Buddhasasana) has increasingly become just one more facet of a consumer-oriented society and extreme examples of such are therefore now often derisively labeled as Buddhapanit (Buddhist commercialism).