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Chevrolet Seattle : #2 Tip on buying YOUR Chevrolet in Seattle for "thousands" off retail!

By L. Seals

Chevrolet in Seattle:
Attention all Chevrolet fanatics! If you are reading this page, you are obviously in search of a new or used Chevrolet. With all of the exciting inventory Chevy is lining up for the upcoming year, the hype is definitely causing quite a stir. In this report, I'll tell you how to purchase your new Chevrolet in Seattle for up to 90% off, and the reasons why you should want to do so.

++ The excitement of buying a new car: We all love the thought of purchasing our dream car. People see the car you drive as some sort of "status" as to how successful you are in life. However, the negotiating with the car salesman, jumping from car lot to car lot, dealing with loan/ rate conversations; other than getting useful information on the vehicle we want, the whole process can be pretty intimidating & downright stressful.

++ What you should want in a new car: Obviously, you want your favorite color, make, model, low mileage, warranty, etc. You may even be willing to shell out more money for the "extras" that make your car unique from everyone else's. But at what price? This might be the most important factor. You may end up getting a different color, year, or model because you just don't have the money to pay for the one you really want. You should'nt have to compromise.

++ What you don't want in a new car: Remember that sales call you got during dinner? We all hate em'. Unfortunately, we give car salesmen a bad rep, and usually view them in the same light. Who wants to be "sold" to? Even if they are honest and you really want to pay 5 to 10 thousand more simply because he's a nice guy? If you feel that bad for the guy, tell your obnoxious next door neighbor, "I know this great place to buy a new car, nice salemen and all!" He'll get a new car (overpriced) and that nice salesman will get his commission...a win win situation! Still, some timid consumers may need that salesman to walk them by the hand, so that they can feel "confident" about their decision. We can't help em' all.

++ Buy the car of your dreams through a local private auction (not Ebay): Ebay is one of the largest on-line shopping places in the world. However, it's kind of difficult to find the car you want "locally" for the right price. Still, there are several local auto auctions going on all the time. This is a little known way to save thousands because there are still so many timid online shoppers out there (with good reason). Most have no clue that there are LOCAL auctions going on in their neighborhoods. Have you ever seen people drive around in the car of YOUR dreams, and the next day, they're in another car of YOUR dreams? Don't bet they payed sticker price for those cars. Then again, maybe they're just rich. Whatever the reason, you too can drive in the perfect car for the perfect price, because in a local auction, you set the price you pay.

++ In a LOCAL AUCTION, you get:
-Access to secret Repo auctions.
-Bidding starting at $100 or less.
-To Purchase directly from the source.
-Seized Vehicles by Police, IRS & more.
-Listings in EVERY Country & State.
-To Choose from all makes & models. (Not just Chevrolet)
-Up to 90% off retail value!
-To buy clean vehicles with low mileage.
-New inventory Everyday.
-Profit Potential: Even if you don't need a car with a tremendous discount, think about people you know that do. You can resell to make thousands!

Too good to be true? Well, it's not. You don't even need a dealer's license to buy through these auctions. What do you think happens to the thousands of cars that are taken because of seized and foreclosure laws? These cars and trucks are available and some are just months old. We know, it's not the "normal" way that "most" people buy their cars. It's almost like thinking outside the box. Last time I checked, that was the way successful people thought. So even though it may seem a little "scary" to jump at the idea, go ahead and leap...

P.S. I almost forgot to give you the info. on where to find this and much more...Bio: L.Seals is a creative writer/researcher. For more information on local auctions in your area, and how to get immediate access to these vehicles without a dealer's license & up to 90% off, see this FREE REPORT:

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