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Picasso at the DeYoung -- San Francisco 2011

Strategies And Tactics To Help You Reach Your Goals

Strategies are nothing more than long-term action plans created to help you achieve a particular goal. It is a meeting with you to toss ideas in the air, organize them, develop them, put them in writing, and then decide how to execute them. This is essentially what big companies' CEO's do when they meet in their suits and fancy conference rooms to "strategize".

Create an action plan like CEO's and big corporations do to make money and succeed. Ask yourself questions like, "What do I want to achieve?" List the many ways in which you can grow. Be very specific and detailed, and write as much as you can to include all the things that ever crossed your mind. Once you have done that, organize them in categories to make them easy to follow and read.

You must know what you want to do, what you need to do, when you want to do it, and why. Writing it down will keep you aware of your ultimate goals. It is also important that you determine what resources are needed (money, special equipment, etc.) to achieve your goals. Your strategy needs to come from your reality but pointed towards your future successful reality.

Also, plan ahead for potential setbacks. We all have them, especially when we first start to change habits to make a significant difference. Nobody said that it would be easy. That is why planning ahead and expecting roadblocks is essential. Setbacks may even be necessary as they remind you that you are a human having human experiences. Remember, those experiences will teach you more than any book or teacher may ever be able to.

Once you have an action plan ready, you need to know how you are going to execute. This is where tactics come in handy. Tactics are how strategies are achieved. They often vary depending on the detail of every person's action plan but generally, some rules apply:

1. Tactics must be assigned a timeline. Decide what the deadline for each point is in your action plan. This will give you a sense of urgency needed to fuel your discipline and, more importantly, to avoid procrastination.

2. Tactics also involve money. Whether it is money for an education, to start your own business, or to simply live while you chase your dream of becoming the next Picasso, chances are you will need money to execute your strategies. Start researching ways to make or get that money at the least cost to you as soon as you know what your action plan is.

3. Avoid anything that takes you away from your strategic goal. Don't play hero. This is not about being a ham or showing off. You have better things to do in life than trying to keep up appearances. Focus on how to get things done, not on how others perceive you.

4. Break the strategies up into small daily or weekly activities. If your goal is to get a job at a prestigious advertising agency in order to gain enough experience to become a successful ad executive one day, it would be wise to break up that strategy into manageable goals. For instance, you may want to start by sending resumes and setting up appointments (remember to write thank you notes). Once you get a job, you can move on to other tactics to help you move up, gain experience, and take advantage of opportunities that will come your way.

5. Revise your strategic goals often to see where you are making progress and what needs to be moved up or down on the priority list. As you accomplish things from your action plan, priorities change and things may need to be added or perhaps deleted. Revising the list will also remind you of your long term goals and of anything that may have slipped through the cracks.

6. If you reached a milestone, celebrate it. You have worked hard to get to this point. Why not acknowledge it? You deserve it.Jovanka Ciares is a life coach, motivational speaker and author who teaches women the attitudes, behaviors and skills that they need in order to reach their fullest potential by using the unlimited power that lies within each of them. She participates in conferences and conferences all over the United States and Latin America. She's the author of "Don't Blame Eve" and offers tons of free advice on her website atwww.self-improvementwoman.com.

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Picasso Exhibit San Francisco

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